22-25 NOV, 2017

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Website: http://www.previewin.com


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- Support for material development - Support to research global markets - Project for supporting participation in overseas exhibitions - Organizing textile exhibition in KOREA(Preview In DAEGU) Preview In DAEGU 2018(International textile fair) - Dates : 7-9 March, 2018 - Venue : EXCO, KOREA - Scale : 600 booths by 320 companies - Exhibit items : Yarn, Fabric, Functional Fabric, Knit, DTP, Industrial integrated material, Natural dyeing, Home textile, Subsidiary material etc. - Organizer : Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association


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The member companies of DAEGU GYEONGBUK TEXTILE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION: - JAIN CO., LTD T. 82-53-593-8866 / main@jaintextile.co.kr Yarn dyed shape memory, Viscose rayon, Rayon mixed, Linen, Cupra, Tencel, funtional fabrics - JUNG JIN TEXTILE.CO., LTD T. 82-54-931-5335 / 3815027@daum.net Blinds (Window Shade) Fabric - G-LEGACY T. 82-53-555-7241 / Email. yoosan1001@hanmail.net POLYESTER 100% woven FABRICs - HANSOL TEXTILE T. 82-53-593-0681 / Email. han0680@naver.com TRICOT: NYLON/POLY 2WAY, WOVEN: LINEN/COTTON, C/P, C/N, C/R SPAN - HWASUN CO.,LTD. T. 82-53-588-3738 / Email. hwasun88@naver.com TWOTONE KINT, JERSEY FABRIC (Clothing, Luxtie, Scarfette, Bag) - KOREA PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTING T. 82-53-247-1121 / Email. kjj212@yahoo.co.kr Flame Retardant PET Chip - KUIL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. T. 82-53-255-4219 / Email. kuiltex@hanmail.net Polyester Woven, Knit Fabric (Dobby, Chiffon, Charmuese, C.D.C, Organdy, Knit, Scarves) - SIMA CO.,LTD. T. 82-53-556-8680 / Email. bellasima@naver.com Yarn-dyed woven fabric, Mixed fabric (wool, poly / wool, functional poly / linen, acetate, poly / rayon, wool, poly / etc.) - SK TEX CO.,LTD. T. 82-53-616-0152 / Email. sktex@nate.com Polyester woven fabric of women's clothes - YOUNGDO VELVET CO.,LTD. T. 82-2-2263-2763 / Email. ysle Woven Velvet (Wrap Pile Cut Woven Fabric)