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Baldwin Spray applicator


Model: Spray Applicator - Textile Finishing



Category: Textile machinery

Booth No.: 637


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The precise and highly uniform aerosol spray applies low viscosity chemistry at controlled volumes on any moving surface.
The modular system’s compact design is completely sealed with only a slight touch to the fabric. This solution makes it easy to incorporate on existng lines.
The automatic flushing sequence makes change-overs involving change of process chemistry quick and easy. Within a few minutes, the system is up and running again. This has proven to be very important to customers that run multiple chemistry in short productions.
Maintenance is primarily done off-line while the system is producing.
The Baldwin Spray Applicator will contribute by saving process chemistry, water and energy. Wasted chemistry will be reduced. Service and maintenance will quicker. Processes can be simplifed and safer. These benefits will give a very short return of investment.
+Reduced water and chemistry usage, up to 50%
+Reduced total changeover time, up to 85%
+Reduced chemistry waste, up to 99%


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