21-24 NOV, 2018

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1. The Khan is a unique brand of HANWAVE CO.,LTD
2. The Khan, the name for high-class Hanbok,
represents the genuine identity and image of the traditional Korean attire in classy and practical designs.
3. Deluxe Hanbok products designed for the body-friendly high-functional purposes made of natural fabrics and functional materials embodying the harmony of originality and practicality.
4. Modern inventions from the traditional Hanbok as the prototype, designed to practical and contemporary taste as a cultural code developed for the needs of the future


Main Products


Functional fabrics and prototypes developed by adding processing technology to natural fiber materials
- Textile design of Korean traditional patterns
- inclined beam face, silk fused / composite material, fabric
- Three plain fabrics
(Slope: 40 silk / weft: doc, 30 cupra blended yarn)
(Slope: 30 cotton / weft: doc, 30 cupra blended yarn)
(Slope: 40 silk / weft: mulberry, 33 tencel blend yarn)
- One kind of knitted fabric
(Light, 30 weft yarns, 30 tencel blend yarns)
- Development of alternative fabrics for Hanbok, which compensates for disadvantages such as static electricity, packing, low sun light and dyeing fastness of existing Hanbok paper by securing dyeing and processing technology conditions.