21-24 NOV, 2018

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Booth No.: 105

Website: http://www.yuanyigroup.cn


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We are one of the leading high-tech manufactures specialized in sewing equipment s in China.We are strong on R&D,manufacturing and training of cooperating with related colleges and authorized technology institutes,we are able to produce our product lines and launch new products continuously.Our main product lines are listed as follows:
1.Automated cloth spreading machine;
2.Automated cutting system;
3.Intelligent thread trimming machine;
4.Dust collecting device;
5.And accessories to sewing machine.

Contact Phone:13823993060,18807606189


Main Products


Intelligent Tread Trimmer is the new generation thread trimming equipment. With our elaborate design,its the first thread trimmer without motor driver in the world at present.This series product is the necessary equipment that faces to all the clothing manufacturers and enterprises. Alex Thread Trimmer combines suction and trimming function into one process. No extra thread left on the clothes,it ensures the product quality and keeps working place clean and neat.Furthermore, it can greatly enhance the production efficiency, ease off labors intensity and upgrade the company reputation.