21-24 NOV, 2018

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POMP ACCESSORIES CO.,LTD (VietNam PomShow Co.,Ltd) was founded in 1981, nearly 40 years of operation, for the most professional in Taiwan, the largest thermal transfer jewelry materials company, while the certification for the Adidas cooperation. In Taiwan and the mainland are set up factories, providing the largest variety of products,with a number of patent certificates and high-standard product certification, both research and development and production capacity, as well as major domestic and foreign plants and long-term experience
The company's products rich in variety, professional production technology, machinery and equipment.And the major domestic and foreign factories affixed to paste materials to maintain good relations fo cooperation, to provide customers with the design and processing of production plans.Committed to a more complete customer service, good quality, closer to the customer's needs.
Our company's products are recognized as the leading environmental protection company in the world, Oeko-Tex 100 standard.There are patents and many other certificates, not harmful to the environment and human health, suitable for costumes of infants and young children.


Main Products


1.Aluminum foil hot metal :
Create 30.000 possibilities with all kind of shapes and colors.
2. Amber stone :
Pure/clear(EPG)series,cat's eye(AE)epoxy series,Luminescence/reflective series
3.Special ironing materials :
Plane heat transfer standard, Three-dimensional turn hot standard, PU three-dimensional 3D soft board, Laser foil, Glitter rhinestone with.
4.TPU :
Environmental protection material, divided into reflective series , Galaxy series, Embossed.
5.Three-dimensional forming transfer film :
Can fix the special three-dimensional material row chart position,protect the product is not easy to move and damage,to solve the recent special shape of the hot paste material processing is not easy big problem,this product and obtain multi-national patent certification.
6.Processing technology :
Flat printing, metal dies, cold knife molding, high frequency molding, ultrasonic molding, perfusion molding, embossed lamination.
PS studs, 3D stone ABS series, Rhinestone trimming, Acrylic stud sheets, Pearl AP series...