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Precot Meridian Limited (the Company) has been a prominent player in the textile industry since 1962. From its inception, the Company has symbolised quality and trust in the textile industry, has five decades of spinning experience and defined set of values and principles. The Company is committed to its customers for satisfaction and fulfilling their needs. Products manufactured fall broadly under two categories - Yarns & Threads and Health & Hygiene care.
The Company now has units across southern states of India with its presence in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with a total spinning capacity of 2,25,000 spindles and 1728 rotors.
Our three dimensional approach focusing on Quality, Value & Delivery for satisfying the customer is well-known in the textile circles

The Company being an ISO 9001 certified is focused on providing customer satisfaction across its product range. In order to meet customer requirements and to ensure their satisfaction, the Company had implemented TQM in all the units for executing 5S methods of housekeeping and 3M methods to control wastage of resources. Quality Systems are achieved through total employee involvement, technical innovation and continual improvement.
SAP ERP is used to integrate all business management functions including Sales and Distribution, Purchasing, Inventory, Planning, Quality, Maintenance, Finance and Costing. This ensures timely delivery and co-ordination for our customers.


Main Products


Cotton Yarn
100% combed Knitting and Weaving Yarn Ne 12/1 to Ne 80/1 using domestic and international cotton.
Semi combed knitting yarn 10's to 40's
Carded knitting and weaving yarn 10's to 40's.

Compact spun yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to Ne. 80/1.
100% Organic combed cotton Compact spun yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 20's to 60's.
100% BCI Knitting and Weaving Compact spun yarn 20's to 60's.
Elitwist yarn for Knitting and Weaving 40/2 to 100/2.

100% Organic combed cotton Ring spun and compact yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 20's to 60's.

100% BCI Knitting and Weaving Ring spun and compact yarn 20's to 60's.

100% combed cotton Slub yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1.
100% Organic combed cotton Slub yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1.
Reverse Slub yarn Ne 24/1 to Ne 60/1 for Knitting and Weaving.

Doubled yarn
Doubled yarn on TFO Ne. 20/2 to 80/2 (Knitting and Weaving)

Gassed yarn
Gassed yarn Ne.40/2 to 80/2

Open end yarn
Open end spun yarn Ne 2's to Ne 30's.

Polyester cotton blended yarn
Knitting and Weaving yarn with different blends like 40/60,52/48 and 65/35 etc.
Count range - 24s to 40s.

100% cotton dyed yarn
Cotton yarn dyed as per customer requirements
Count range - 16's to 80's.

Polyester Sewing Thread
Bulk cones in raw white and optic white.
Around 600 shades are manufactured as per shade card.
Polyester sewing yarn ranges from Ne 20/2, 20/3, 42/2, 48/2, 55/2, 55/3 and 60


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