21-24 NOV, 2018

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Website: http://www.vjctech.com.vn


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VJC Technology Co., Ltd. (Vietnam-Japan CAD/CAM) provides and consults investing equipment, machines and CAD/ CAM solutions applied in the Apparel Industry. We, VJC TECH was established in 2013 by a professional team with over 10 years of experiences in apparel production as well as co-operating with domestic and foreign customers and foreign partners such as Japan, Spain, Israel... With our professional, skilled technical, dynamic and dedicated team, VJC TECH hopes that we can give the best solutions and services to our customers.


Main Products


TORAY ACS CREACOMPO Software - CAD Apparel Solution Components (Pattern, Marker, Grading, Trace Magic).
/ Inkjet Plotter, Pen Plotter - TKT BRAINPOWER, SPAIN.
/ Pattern Cutter, Decal Cutter - GRAPHTEC, JAPAN.
/ Automatic Cutting-Spreading Machine - KAWAKAMI, JAPAN.
/ Digitizer table, Pattern Scanner - GRAPHTEC, JAPAN.
/ CAD-CAM Maintenance Services and Technological Transfer Consultant .
/ BROTHER GT3, JAPAN- Digital Garment Direct Printing.
/ FLESSO Garment Heat Transfer Media - ITALY