20-23 NOV, 2019

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2018 Exhibitor list





Category: Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition

Booth No.: 1023

Website: http://www.sprayway-tpr.com


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Sprayway Inc, a member of PLZ Aeroscience corporation, provides high quality aerosol products, has been in the US market for more than 70 years. Sprayway products conform to tight quality control standard and safety regulations set by the US government. Sprayway Singapore, a strategic business partner of Sprayway Inc, is a global distributor of Sprayway aerosol products for more than 25 years. Sprayway-TPR Co. is a subsidiary company of Sprayway Singapore; conveniently located in Vietnam, is ready to serve our customers with leading-edge technology and high quality products. We are committed to be a reliable and responsible supplier with high quality products. Please contact us whenever you need to know more!


Main Products


1 Sprayway/TPR 63 C-60 Solvent Degreaser
2 Sprayway/TPR 66 Spray Adheisve
3 Sprayway/TPR 77 Wet Silicone Spray
4 Sprayway/TPR 82 Mist Pallet Adhesive
5 Sprayway/TPR 84 Super Flash Adhesive
6 Sprayway/TPR 88 Multi-Purpose Adhesive
7 Sprayway/TPR 90 RD-90 Lubricating Spray
8 Sprayway/TPR 99 Super Adhesive
9 Sprayway/TPR 821 No Fray Spray
10 Sprayway/TPR 822 Fast Tack Adhesive
11 Sprayway/TPR 823 Fusing Machine Cleaner
12 Sprayway/TPR 830 Spot Lifter (INDUSTRIAL)
13 Sprayway/TPR 831 Spot Lifter (Fast Powder)
14 Sprayway/TPR 833 Spot Lifter (Non-Chlorinated)
15 Sprayway/TPR 945 Dry Silicone Spray (20oz )


Exhibit Products