20-23 NOV, 2019

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2018 Exhibitor list





Category: Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition

Booth No.: 623

Website: http://worldro-suksan.com/


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Worldro have advanced with our clients over the world.
We have manufactured several recycling plants using PET wastes as main raw material. The final porducts which are produced through our plants are widely use in textile sector, which is one of our necessary requisites in our life, automibile, funiture, geotextile, etc.
Worldro have ceaselessly striven to contribute to develop resources and conserve the enviroment carring out our corporate social responsibility.


Main Products


1. POLYESTER REGENERATED STAPLE FIBER PLANT: The line uses PET bottle flakes, PET pellet chips, PET popcorn chips as raw materials and produces regenerated PET staple fiber going through manufacturing processings.
Feeding drying spinning winding drawing setting cutting - packing


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