20-23 NOV, 2019

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2018 Exhibitor list





Category: Textile & Apparel Accessories Exhibition

Booth No.: 631

Website: http://www.ttsoft.com.vn


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With a comprehensive and specific approach and lean concept in developing sophisticated information systems, TTSOFT has specialized in developing information solutions for enterprises since 2005.
Together with Sewman ERP which is especially for garment manufacturers, TTSOFT has also brought out software packages in accounting and finance, information systems for logistics companies, solutions for clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.


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Sewman ERP - Integrated Information System for garment manufacturers
TTSOFT has developed and integrated the Sewman ERP with the management system of a dozen garment factories in Vietnam which recruited hundreds to thousands of workers and earned hundreds of millions of US dollars per year.
The key point of Sewman ERP is that all functions and modules are integrated deeply and broadly into the factory's daily operations and management activities. As an un-separated part of management flow, Sewman ERP helps to record, calculate, analysis and share information in entire factory processes. With Sewman ERP, top managers easily access KPIs reporting with timelines and drill-down analysis. For production planning and control, the system provides detail information from sewing lines, cutting bundles, materials or even finished goods carton box... Sewman ERP also has a comprehensive payroll processing system for both productivity-based and time-based wage calculations.
With flexibility features, sophisticated and practical functions in multi-languages, Sewman ERP can be quickly and efficiently integrated into the management system. Especially for manufacturers who are in progress of implementing the LEAN system, Sewman ERP from TTSOFT is a best choice in the recent market.


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