20-23 NOV, 2019

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Category: Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition

Booth No.: 255

Website: http://www.tajima.com


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Established since 1944, Tajima is a worldwide reputable leading manufacturer of computerized embroidery machines. With more than 70 years of experience and constantly seeking for continuous improvements, Tajima brand embroidery machines are manufactured for used on a wide variety of applications; and are highly acclaimed by the customers as excellent machines incomparable to others with proven results for precision, quality, productivity and durability.

For more than 20 years, Tajima Sales & Technical Service Centres in Vietnam - Anh Duong HCMC and AD Hanoi, constantly striving to improve our service standards through prompt technical (including embroidery method know-how) as well as design software support, providing and sharing technical know-how and embroidery knowledge to all our customers in Vietnam.


Main Products


"TAJIMA" Brand Computerised Embroidery Machine
1)TMCP-V0920F (550x330)S
2)TMAR-K0906C (450X360)S
3)TMBR-S1501C (360X500)S with SEAD Bead Device
4)TMBR-S1501C (360X500)S with Multi Cording Device
5)TMBP-S1501C (360X500)S with X-Extension Unit
6)Tajima SAI, MDP-S0801C (200X300)S with Wide Cap Frame
7)Tajima SAI, MDP-S0801C (200X300)S with Tubular Frame