20-23 NOV, 2019

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2018 Exhibitor list





Category: Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition

Booth No.: 256

Website: www.cspco.com.vn


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C.S.P Co., Ltd was established in 2003.We are the top consultant and provider of 2D-3D CAD/CAM solutions applied to Apparel, Bags, Upholstery, Transportation, Home furnishings industries. With professional experience, our object is to bring the most advanced and efficient technological solution to the clients with a purpose to enhancing productivity, quality and reducing product prices there by giving their competitiveness.


Main Products


Products to be displayed:
- Provide OptiTex 2D/3D - Pattern design system & Marker making software (OptiTex 2D/3D solution)
- Provide Digitizer table, Scanner of pattern, iDigit
- Inkjet Plotter (TKT Brain Power)
- Pattern Cutter (GRAPHTEC)
- Template Cutter (ATP)
- Automatic Spreading Machine, Automatic Cutting Machine (BULLMER FROM GERMANY)
- Advise investment, technological transfer and CAD/CAM system maintenance such as OptiTex, Lectra, Gerber software


Exhibit Products