21-24 NOV, 2018

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Website: http://www.chinatypical.com


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Xi'an Typical Industries Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Typical Industry), which was built in 1999 and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2000.
With a long history in sewing equipment field, Typical Industry has been concentrating on research, development and production of industrial sewing machine since 1946 , more than 70 years.
With the strongest comprehensive strength in the Chinese sewing equipment producing base, the company has formed three major production bases: Xian, Lin Tong and Wan Ping with the annual production capacity up to 800,000 sets in the process of layout adjustment and resource integration.
Since the 1980s, the company has been in multilevel operation with various enterprises of Japan, German and Italy.
TYPICAL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was founded as a subsidiary of the Xian Typical Industries Co. Ltd. in 2003, which is responsible for the export business of Typical Industry.
Located at Kaiserslautern of German since 2009, European Branch of Xian Typical Industries Co., Ltd. has been high-end technological R&D center, differentiated product manufacturing center, marketing center and customer service center.
Customers First is the operation philosophy observed by our company all the time and our source to make success continuously. Professionalism, Innovation, Honesty, Cooperation are the core values of Typical Industry. Globalized, Creative and Harmonious TYPICAL is the prospect of Typical Industry.


Main Products


1. GC6930AMD3T Intelligent High Speed Semi-oil Lockstitch Sewing Machine
2. GC6910BD3 Direct Drive Integrated Semi-oil Heavy Material Big Hook Lockstitch Sewing Machine
3. GC6870AMD4 Direct Drive Integrated Lockstitch With Trimmer
4. GK0056D/P1-4B Direct Drive High Speed Interlock Chainstitch Sewing Machine
5. GN9000D3-4HQ3 4 Threads Super High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine With Auto Trimmer
6. GK339D3E Direct Drive High Speed Mini Cylinder Interlock Chainstitch Sewing Machine With Auto Trimmer
7. GT6430D Direct Drive High Speed Electronic Lockstitch Bar-tacking Sewing Machine
8. GT5880-121 Electronic Eyelet Button Holing Machine
9. TW3-P335D2T3 Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
10. GC0303D3 Direct Drive Top and Bottom Feed Lockstitch With Thread Trimmer
11. GC20606 Two Needle Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Trimmer
12. GC6730MD3XLP Direct Drive Integrated Lockstitch With Trimmer
13. TC3020 Programmable Electronic Pattern Machine


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