22-25 NOV, 2017

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2017 Exhibitor list





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Website: http://www.daininc.net


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Dain Inc was established at 2005 in Suzhou, China as joint venture together with Wuajing City Xinchun Textile Co., Ltd. of China and Dain International Inc. of Korea. We manage around 800 water-jet weaving machine and sub-contracted finish mills like dyeing, printing, high-tech coatings in China. And the production capacity is around 80,000,000 yards/year. During over 10 years, Dain (China) Inc. supply a lot of fabrics for famous worldwide brand (especially for UAS and EU market) with high quality and competitive price. Meantime, we have partner relationship with customer more than 10 years. This experience always give us more confidence to supply high required quality fabrics for EU and UAS market and our high quality customers give us more impact to develop high quality technique at the same time. Meantime, we made worldwide network to supply the best service for customer. We already made network in China, Korea, Indonesia and UAS. Ans will launch Vietnam office soon. We think are not just textile supplier, we always supply textiles with our creative passion...


Main Products


-Polyester & Nylon Items with various finish(solid, print, coatings) Micro, Taslan, Oxford, Ribstop, Dewspo(Pongee), Memory, Taffeta, Dobby, Down Bag. -Cotton mixtured items with various finish (solid, print, peach, coating) Cotton, C/N, N/C, NP/C, C/P with poplin, twill, satin, oxford, ribstop, canvas, etc. -Spandex Items Polyester Spandex, Nylon Spandex, Cotton Spandex