22-25 NOV, 2017

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We GDJD are leaders in the exports of Raw Cotton, Yarn and Fabrics from India. We have been in the business of international trade since the last 25 years and in business from the year 1882. We cover a wide range of cotton yarns including carded and combed, ring spun of coarse and fine counts, Open Ended, Polyester yarns, Poly-viscose Yarn, Poly-cotton Yarns, Special Yarns and Grey fabrics.


Main Products


Some of Cotton Varieties which we deal in are as follows, 100% Raw Cottons - Shankar 6, MCU 5. Comber Noils Some of Yarn counts which we deal in are as follows: 100%Cotton Open End Yarn for Knitting/Weaving - Ne 6/1 to Ne 20/1 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarn Raw White for Knitting/ Weaving - Ne 10/1 to Ne 120/1 100% Organic Cotton-Knitting - Ne 20/1 - Ne 40/1 Combed Knitting Yarn Doubled Yarn for Weaving: TFO / RDWS / ELITWIST - Ne 20/2 - 80/2 Carded & Combed TFO Yarn 100%Cotton Compact Combed Knitting & Weaving Yarns - Ne 20/1 - Ne100/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn Polyester-Cotton Blend Yarns - Raw White For Knitting And Weaving - Ne 20/1 - Ne 40/1 P/C 65/35 * 52/48 Carded & Combed yarn Polyester / Viscose Yarns -Raw White - Ne 30/1 - Ne 60/1 P/V 65/35 Yarn 100% Viscose Yarn - Ne20/1 - Ne 40/1 Ring Spun Yarn 100% Polyester Yarn-Weaving - Ne 20/1 - Ne 30/1 Yarn GREIGE FABRICS (GREY FABRICS) 100%COTTON WOVEN - All kinds of grey woven Fabrics 100%COTTON KNITTED FABRIC -All types of grey Knitted fabrics Single Jersey, Pique, Plain Rib, and Plain Interlock & Spandex Jersey Fabrics.